TV Land-Detroit
by Gordon Castelnero
6x9 / softcover / 330 pages / $22.95
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 A reminiscence and recreation of the golden years of Detroit TV, based on interviews with and comments from the people who were there and made it happen.

 Long before cable, prepackaged syndication, infomercials, do-it-yourselfers, and reality shows cluttered the television dial, there was a brand of entertainment that has today nearly vanished from the airwaves: local TV. And with its colorful and quirky cast of characters, Detroit TV arguably offered some of the best of the best of local programming anywhere in the nation—a smorgasbord of exuberant, one-of-a-kind television shows.

Based on actual interviews with the people who made Detroit TV, Gordon Castelnero's TV Land–Detroit awakens the emotional attachment and nostalgia our community has for these shows, bringing the beloved characters and memorable programs back to life.

 From the glamorous Rita Bell to the insanity of the Ghoul, the zany Jingles in Boofland to the opinionated and often confrontational Lou Gordon and the gruff-voiced and somnolent George Pierrot, Castelnero reacquaints us with the talent and behind-the-scenes people, of the creative spirit in Detroit, and the intimacy they shared with the community both on and off the air.

 Gordon Castelnero was a producer at WNIC radio for four years. He produced the acclaimed documentaries for WDIV and WTVS, Michigan, It Started Here!, Michigan and the American Dream, and Titanic: The Final Chapter. He currently lives in Livonia, Michigan, and works at Technicolor in DVD and game media distribution.

 "TV Land-Detroit  profiles twenty five of the most popular local TV personalities and programs from the Golden Age of Detroit television. A treasure trove of fun facts and inside stories, Gordon Castelnero has the inside scoop on Detroit's most fondly remembered TV stars."
-Ed Golick,