Based on the popular trivia game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” our version requires that you try to connect a current Hollywood star to Detroit’s legendary movie maven Bill Kennedy in as few links as possible. Even though Bill’s last theatrical film wrapped nearly fifty years ago, it‘s still possible to connect him to most any popular film star of today in three links or less. . For example, Kevin Bacon can be connected to Bill Kennedy in three links;

 Kevin Bacon was in JFK (1991) with Edward Asner.
 Edward Asner was in The Slender Thread (1965) with Art Gilmore.
 Art Gilmore was in Unchained (1955) with Bill Kennedy.

Got it? Here’s another example. Believe it or not, Paris Hilton can be connected to Bill in three links.

 Paris Hilton was in Bottom’s Up (2006) with Tim Thomerson.
 Tim Thomerson was in Natural Causes (1994) with Janis Paige.
 Janis Paige was in Hollywood Canteen (1944) with Bill Kennedy.

Here’s an easy one. Connect Johnny Depp to Bill Kennedy.

 Johnny Depp was in Cannes Man (1996) with Dennis Hopper.
 Dennis Hopper was in I Died A Thousand Times (1955) with Bill Kennedy.

If you’re not quite a Kennedyphile, a list of Bill’s sixty film appearances, along with his supporting cast, can be found at the Internet Movie Database (

Here’s a list of five current stars, along with the minimum number of links it takes to connect them to Bill. The answers can be found by clicking here.

 Meryl Streep to Bill Kennedy in two links.

 Will Smith to Bill Kennedy in two links.

 Hilary Swank to Bill Kennedy in three links.

 Morgan Freeman to Bill Kennedy in three links.

 Cameron Diaz to Bill Kennedy in two links.