The following photos and text are from a rare 1941 CKLW Yearbook.

The "HAPPY JOE EARLY MORNING FROLIC," started by Joe Gentile eight years ago on CKLW, is the most outstanding example of success and popularity in radio. The distinctive feature of this program, heard from 6 to 9 A.M. on weekdays, is the absolutely individual manner with which commercials are handled. From 25 to 40 accounts, advertising all products, daily use this media of advertising, and the commercials, which are frequently dramatized and practically always kidded, are nine times out of ten 100% successful for the advertiser. The program features correct time signals, weather reports, newscasts, transcribed requests, plus impromptu drama.

The cast of the "EARLY MORNING FROLIC" before the show, left to right, Ralph (Bone Stranger) Binge, Joe (Happy Joe) Gentile, Milt (Weather Forecaster Matheson, and Don (Platter Player) Sharon.

The cast of the "Early Morning Frolic" at 9 A.M. after the show. After selling for 40 sponsors, Happy Joe is really in need of a   throat gargle.

JOE GENTILE (left), RALPH BINGE (right), mainstays of the "Early Morning Frolic."


MILT MATHESON is the most recent addition to the "Early Morning Frolic." A portrayer of various voices on this program, Milt is chiefly featured as official Weather Forecaster (apparantly today's forecast is for rain).