Meryl Streep was in Postcards From the Edge (1990) with Mary Wickes.
Mary Wickes was in Now, Voyager with Bill Kennedy.

Will Smith was in Men In Black II  (2002) with Peter Graves.
Peter Graves was in Red Planet Mars (1952) with Bill Kennedy.

Hilary Swank was in The Black Dahlia (2006) with Rose McGowan.
Rose McGowan was in Ready To Rumble (2000) with Kathleen Freeman.
Kathleen Freeman was in Cry Danger (1951) with Bill Kennedy.

Morgan Freeman was in Deep Impact (1998) with Vanessa Redgrave.
Vanessa Redgrave was in Murder On The Orient Express 1974) with Ingrid Bergman.
Ingrid Bergman was in Joan Of Arc (1948) with Bill Kennedy.

Cameron Diaz was in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) with John Forsythe.
John Forsythe was in Northern Pursuit (1943) with Bill Kennedy.


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